Detailed insight in the deeper skin layers

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The OBSERV 520 gives us insight in the following:

Skin type

Do you have an oily skin, combination skin, dry skin or dehydrated skin? Find out your skin type during a skin analysis.

Sensitive skin or eczema

Do you have sensitive skin? The Observ will give you a clear overview of the most sensitive areas in your face.

Thin skin

The Observ will show you very clearly which areas of the skin are thinner and require more attention.

Couperose, rosacea or redness

The Observ will show you very clearly where the redness and vessels in your skin are located, and what areas may need treatment.


Infections in the skin become visible, so you can see exactly where these infections are located. Even in the deeper layers of your skin.

Large pores

Get a better idea where the larger or enlarged pores are located.

Fine lines and wrinkles

The Observ clearly shows the fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. Knowing where these are located will allow you to adjust your treatments or skin care to prevent them from becoming more visible.

Tallow glands

The Observ doesn’t just show the healthy tallow glands, but also the more active glands that hold a lot of bacteria.


The Observ shows you not only the pigment distortions on the surface of your skin but reveals pigment nestles in the deeper layers of the skin as well.

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