Laser hair removal

Are you dealing with unwanted hair growth? Treat this effectively with a laser!

How does it work?

Laser hair removal works with a laser beam to effectively destroy the hair in a way that it can not grow back. The laser is very effective on pigmented hair. We use the GentleMax Pro, a powerful laser that works on every skin type. Other than just being effective on thicker hairs, the GentleMax Pro can be set to treat thinner hairs very effectively as well.

What is the treatment like?

Prior to the laser treatment, our skin therapist will schedule a consultation. During this consult the skin therapist will ask you some questions and you can inform her on your aims for this treatment. Our skin therapist will give you personalized advise on how to move forward after the consult.

At the start of the treatment the skin will be disinfected, to ensure we start the treatment on clean skin. After that, the skin therapist will look at the treatment area and might remove some stubbles or hairs. Both you and the skin therapist will wear protective glasses. Next, the skin therapist will set the amount of Joule, Hertz and millisecond before starting the treatment.

With every pulse from the laser, cooled cryo liquid will be sprayed onto a small area of your skin - immediately followed by the laser pulse. The cooling liquid makes the treatment very tolerable. After the laser treatment it is possible to cool the skin down some more. Sun protection will be applied where necessary.

What kind of results can you expect?

On average, it takes 6 treatments to achieve the desired result.

Removing armpit hair (before and after)

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Skin therapist

All treatments are exclusively performed by a certified skin therapist. Knowing that a laser is able to achieve the best results is step one, the next step is to choose the right laser. A powerful laser with strong results is our GentleMax Pro. The integrated treatment system makes use of two lasers; the Alexandriet laser and the Nd:YAG laser. Both of these lasers are very effective and have their own purpose, which allows us to offer and perform a wide range of treatments.

Meet Ellen:
As a skin therapist I believe in the importance of quality work. That’s why I am an active member of the Dutch organisation for Skin therapists (NVH) and the Quality Register Paramedics, both responsible for testing and maintaining the quality of skin therapy.

Is this treatment covered by your health insurance?

It is possible that your treatment will be compensated by your health insurance (NL). Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93

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