What are scars and stretch marks, what is their cause and how to treat scars and stretch marks?

A scar is the connecting tissue that replaces regular tissue that has been destroyed by damage in the skin. A scar can be hypertrophic (on top of the skin) or atrophic (in the skin). Stretch marks arise in places where the skin has been stretched over a shot period in time, characterized by red-purple lines in the skin. Possible causes are fast growth, pregnancy or weight gain.

What causes scars and stretch marks?

A scar is formed after the skin has been damaged. The bigger or deeper this damage to the skin has been, the bigger the chance of scarring. Scars can either be lighter or darker than de regular skin. Scratching scabs or healing wounds can result in scars as well. Scars can be bothersome to people, whether it is because of the way they look or the fact that scars can itch and hurt.

Treating scars and stretch marks

The aim when treating scars is to remove the scar and make the skin as smooth as possible again, resulting in softer and more flexible skin. Dents, bumps or thickened skin get evened out. Scar treatment can also be aimed and decreasing colour differences, such as is with hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. An added benefit is that the pain and itching may also decrease. Treatment is effective on new as well as old scars.

Stretch marks

There are various techniques for treating stretch marks. The eMatrix is a revolutionary, safe treatment method that removes stretch marks by stimulating skin renewal. Proven results include a decrease in redness, which makes the marks less visible, and a more even and uniform skin. Stretch marks can be effectively treated on all body parts; the most common areas for stretch marks are the buttocks, upper legs, breasts and stomach.

Surgical scars

Surgical scars or scars from cuts can leave big scars, and may cause a variation of uncomfortable side effects. The scar can start to hurt, discolour and become thicker than the surrounding skin. Scars may be located on inconvenient areas of the skin or be too tight, resulting in limited movement. Surgical scars are treated safely with the effective eMatrix method. After each treatment, the scar will become more uniform and less visible. With the eMatrix method the chance of side effects or discomfort are minimal, as well as the recovery time.

Burn scars

Scars caused by burns are often uncomfortable and unpleasant. The skin is not smooth or uniform, but discoloured, painful and sometimes even melted together. Even for these severe scars, treatment is available. Recent as well as old burn scars can be treated with the eMatrix method. Each individual treatment is focused on creating a new layer of skin so the scar will become smoother, softer and more uniform in colour. A visible improvement in skin structure! The pain and limitation in movement can decrease from this treatment as well.

Acne scars

The deeper the acne, the bigger the chance to get acne scars. Always try to control active acne with the right treatments and (home) skin care to prevent scars. Acne scars look like small dents or bumps in or on the skin. Red or brown discolouration may be visible, the pores are bigger and the skin often feels irregular to the touch. Depending on the degree of scarring, different treatments are possible, such as a peeling or an eMatrix laser treatment. The treatments are focused on removing the acne scars. The skin becomes softer, smoother and more uniform in colour as the pores reduce in size and scars flatten out. It is possible to treat new as well as older acne scars.

Another effective treatment for acne scars is the dermapen. Tiny holes of controlled depth are created in the skin by small needles. This stimulates the skin and results in regular tissue replacing scar tissue. This treatment can be applied in specific areas as well.

Noncommittal consult

The first step to treatment is a consult. During this consult all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will inspect the skin problem and create a fitting personal treatment plan, as well as advise on the most suitable and effective treatment for the skin. It is possible to experience a pulse from the laser during the consult.

Health insurance coverage

It is very well possible that treatments for scars will be covered by your health insurance. The extent of coverage depends on the health insurance provider. You may need a referral from your doctor in order to get the treatment covered. All our skin therapists are AGB-certified. The skin therapists possess the knowledge and skills to successfully administer the treatments. We can help you find out about health insurance coverage for these treatments during the consult. Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93


Results can vary per individual and are influenced by various factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee any specific result. Make sure you allow the specialist to inform you properly in regards to the treatments and your personal expectations.

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