Fungal nails – What are fungal nails, what causes them and how to treat fungal nails?

A fungal nail is a nail that is infected with fungus. A fungal nail can appear white or yellow, and often brittle. When the fungus has penetrated the nail deeper, the nail can appear more of a yellow-brownish colour.

What causes fungal nails?

Fungus can penetrate the nail in various ways. People with lower resistance have an increased change of catching a fungal infection. The fungus may also find its way through a small open wound. It is important to treat the affected nail(s) fast, in order to prevent the fungus from spreading and infecting other nails.

Treatment for fungus nails

Noncommittal consult

The first step to treatment is a consult. During this consult all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will inspect the skin problem and create a fitting personal treatment plan, as well as advise on the most suitable and effective treatment for the skin. It is possible to experience a pulse from the laser during the consult.

Treatment frequency

Fungal nails require a minimum of three treatments. For severely or multiple infected nails additional treatments may be necessary. It takes several months for the healthy nail to grow back, which is why the check-up will be after approximately six months. Make sure to bring an extra pair of clean socks to wear immediately after the treatment. The treatment is most effective if the infected nails have been filed down (certified pedicurists can do this for you).

Advise for at home

It is very important to treat the feet at home with an anti-fungal crème to support the initial treatments. There are anti-fungal products available to use in shoes as well. Pay extra attention to drying the feet and toes after bathing, and to cleaning the shower and bathroom floor. Wearing slippers while bathing is helpful as well. Fungal nails are extremely persevering, so make sure the conditions are optimal.

Health insurance coverage

Unfortunately, laser treatment for fungal nails are not covered by any health insurance. This is especially unfortunate since laser treatment is one of the only really effective treatments. Treatment is available from €65,- and from €95,- if both feet will be treated. Make an appointment with our skin therapist to see what we can do for you! Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93


Results can vary per individual and are influenced by various factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee any specific result. Make sure you allow the specialist to inform you properly in regards to the treatments and your personal expectations.

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