Wrinkles and weakened skin – What are wrinkles and weakened skin, what causes it and how to treat wrinkles and weakened skin?

Wrinkles and weakened skin develop as the elastin and collagen in the skin reduce after the age of 25. You could see a wrinkle as a temporary or permanent ‘fold’ in the skin. The weakened skin is usually most visible around the eyes, jawline and neck.

What causes wrinkles and weakened skin?

Wrinkles are caused by various factors. The reduction of elastin and collagen makes the skin less firm, but wrinkles can also be caused by mimic muscles in the face. Examples are frowning lines and crow’s feet.

Weakening of the skin is caused by the weakening of deeper connective tissue bands. These ‘bands’ are responsible for maintaining skin structure. These bands weaken due to deterioration of fat tissue, elastin and collagen. This can be seen on the skin in the form of weakened skin.

Treating wrinkles and weakened skin

Noncommittal consult

The first step to treatment is a consult. During this consult all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will inspect the skin problem and create a fitting personal treatment plan, as well as advise on the most suitable and effective treatment for the skin.

Product use

Other than the proper treatment it is recommended to implement a skin care routine in your daily routine, using products specifically developed to nurture the skin and stop or slow down the aging process. The products developed by Dermaquest contain high quality ingredients and a skin care routine can be personalised for your skin. By combining different product lines, all problems and problem areas can be taken care of.


Microdermabrasion makes use of a hand piece that is moved around over the skin in three different directions. Sterile crystals effectively remove the ‘dead’ upper skin layer. The hand piece produces a vacuum, which ensures movement between the various layers of the skin. This has a positive effect the production of elastin and collagen. The skin is clean and fresh again, ready to absorb the skin care products fully.


Peelings can be mild or intensive, either fruit acid or chemical. Peelings are effective because of the acids that can reach the deeper skin layers. The production of collagen and elastin are stimulated, the skin becomes thicker and more uniform due to the reduction of pigmentation. Peelings help pores reduce in size and will make the skin look refreshed again. Peelings are safe for treating darker skin as well.


The dermapen follows the derma roller and uses tiny needles to penetrate and open up your skin. This activates the skin cells to induce the natural recovery process of the skin. This is proven to have a positive effect on wrinkles. The dermapen gives the skin therapist the ability to adjust the depth of the needles, which allows for precise and optimal treatment of different areas.

The dermapen can be set to only penetrate the upper layers of the skin to revitalize the skin, as well as deeper penetration for intensive anti-aging or (acne)scar treatment.

Health insurance coverage

Unfortunately, treatments that focus on wrinkles and weakened skin are not covered by insurance. Treatment for the entire face is available starting from just €75,-. During the consultation, all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will recommend the most fitting treatment for your skin.


Results can vary per individual and are influenced by various factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee any specific result. Make sure you allow the specialist to inform you properly in regards to the treatments and your personal expectations.

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