Pigment disruptions – What are pigment disruptions, what is the cause and how to treat pigment disruptions?

Pigment disruptions can be found in various forms, such as pigmentation spots, age spots and melisma. The pigment can damage the upper as well as deeper layers of the skin. This is usually characterized by brown, pigmented spots in the skin. Most spots are harmless, but can be displeasing. Are you not sure if a certain spot is a pigmentation disruption? Have it checked out by a professional sooner rather than later. During the consultation we pay attention to this as well.

What causes pigment disruptions?

The disruptions can be caused by hormonal changes, sun damage or as a result of an infection/wound. Every skin type can have some pigment disruptions. In skin that is prone to pigment disruptions, the pigment cells may show an overreaction to the previously mentioned causes. The pigment cells are responsible for producing pigment. Darker skin has a higher risk of getting pigment spots after infected skin blemishes or wounds. Since the skin contains more pigment, it is more prone to develop pigment spots after damage. Our skin therapists are specialized in treatments for darker skin types.

Treatment of the disrupted pigment?

Pigment disruptions can be treated in various ways. These are the possibilities:

Noncommittal consult

The first step to treatment is a consult. During this consult all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will inspect the skin problem and create a fitting personal treatment plan, as well as advise on the most suitable and effective treatment for the skin.

Product use

Besides getting proper treatment, it is very important for pigment disruptions to take care of the skin using products specially developed for treating and preventing pigment spots. These products will fade out the pigment and prevents that the pigment cells overreact.


Peelings can be mild or intensive, either fruit acid or chemical. Peelings are effective because of the acids that can reach the deeper skin layers. The peeling supresses the activity of the pigment cells and fades out the current pigment disruptions. Our peelings are safe for treatment on darker skin as well.


We offer various laser techniques for the treatment of pigment disruptions. With the Elos-technique different types of pigmentation can be treated. An added benefit is that blood vessels will become less visible and the pores get smaller. Treatment is possible from €45,-.

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