Fruit acid peeling

A fruit acid peeling is an intensive refresher for the skin. The fruit acids in the peeling are able to get deep into the skin layers to do their work. There are various types of fruit acids, each one focusing on a specific problem in the skin. We offer various peelings, making it possible to give you the most suitable peeling for your skin, removing all impurities in your skin.

Pumpkin Peel

Level I/Level II
The pumpkin peel is not only perfect for treating acne, but focusses on enlarged pores and discolouration after an infection or damaging of the skin. The peeling improves the skin structure and complexion. The pumpkin peel can be applied to any skin type, and works especially well for oily skin with excess tallow production.

Mango Peel

The mango peel is the perfect peel to refresh your skin. The peeling gives you a more uniform complexion and restores damage created by hyperpigmentation. The peeling is very hydrating and stimulates the collagen production in the skin. The mango peel can be applied to any skin type, and works especially well on dry skin.

Power Peptide Peel

The power peptide peeling stimulates the collagen and elastin production, and works against cell and uv damage in the skin. This peeling works anti-aging. The power peptide peel can be applied to all skin types, but works especially well for aging skin.

Glycol Peel

Level I – 30%
Level II – 40%
The glycol peel contains an unique combination of ingredients to fight aging of the skin and to help recover damaged skin. The skin becomes more firm and gets protected against influencing outside factors. The glycol peel is very suitable for aging or uv damaged skin, but less so for the sensitive skin.

What to expect? (Experiences and results)

A fruit acid peeling is applied to work deep in the skin, resulting in a cleaner, firmer and more even skin. Once the skin problems are dealt with, you are left with a healthy, glowing skin.
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Is this treatment covered by your health insurance?

It is possible that your treatment will be compensated by your health insurance (NL). Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93

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