Camouflage therapy

Lycogel offers camouflage products containing the revolutionary LYCO-Complex; a carefully put to together combination of 12 active ingredients to provide the skin with oxygen, hydration and nutrition.

The camouflage products vary from minimal to full coverage, and come in a range of complexions to ensure there is a match for everyone. Lycogel is suitable for the sensitive skin as well as acne prone skin, and can be used as a daily coverage and to even out pigmented spots.

The products are gentle on the skin and don’t clog the skin. Lycogel products contain SPF30, to protect the skin against the sun. Since the products are waterproof, you are ensured of long lasting results!

What to expect? (Experiences and results)

The Lycogel products are created to camouflage the skin and provide an evened out complexion with your preferred level of coverage. You will also get a detailed explanation from our skin therapist on how to apply the camouflage for the best long term results.

Is this treatment covered by your health insurance?

It is possible that your treatment will be compensated by your health insurance (NL). Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93

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