Couperose/Rosacea – What is couperose/rosacea, what is the cause and how to treat couperose/rosacea?

There are a various vessel irregularities in the skin. Couperose is visible as a red discolouration in which tiny veins are visible. Rosacea is a type of couperose combined with inflammations or infections. It is also possible to have visible red, singular vessels. An example would be ‘spider neavi’. This is a small circular centre from which tiny veins sprain, creating a spider shape.

What causes couperose/rosacea?

One cause of acne is excess tallow production, which causes the pores to get clogged and possibly inflamed. Another cause of acne can be thickened skin, making it harder to shed dead skin cells. This can lead to the tallow clogging the pores and inflammation or an infection. Hormonal balance, stress, genetics, makeup or other external factors can stimulate or intensify acne.

Treating couperose/rosacea

Treatment with laser therapy is most effective in reducing or removing couperose and/or rosacea. These are the possibilities:

Noncommittal consult

The first step to treatment is a consult. During this consult all questions can be answered. The skin therapist will inspect the skin problem and create a fitting personal treatment plan, as well as advise on the most suitable and effective treatment for the skin. It is possible to experience a pulse from the laser during the consult.

Laser treatment

The treatment starts with a few test pulses to determine the settings and reaction of the skin. After cleaning the skin, a cooling gel is applied to the area that will be treated. Systematically, the target area gets ‘stamped’. Each pulse ‘stamp’ is a combination of soft light and radio-frequent energy. Haemoglobin takes this energy and coverts this into heat within the vessel. The heat destroys the vessel, making the vessels less visible with every treatment. Each pulse feels like tiny pricks in the skin. With the Elos-technique, sedation is not necessary. After an Elos treatment the skin can become slightly red and a bit swollen, for example the skin close to the eyes. After the treatment small scabs can occur, these will disappear in a few days.

Small vessels may disappear after just one treatment. Larger areas, deeper vessels and rosacea usually need between one and five treatments. After each treatment you will see that the vessels are fading a bit more. In the treated area, sun damage and hyperpigmentation will also decrease. The pores get smaller and the skin will start glowing more.

Health insurance coverage

It is very well possible that rosacea treatments will be covered by your health insurance. The extent of coverage depends on the health insurance provider. You may need a referral from your doctor in order to get the treatment covered. All our skin therapists are AGB-certified. The skin therapists possess up to date knowledge and skills to successfully administer the treatments. We can help you find out about health insurance coverage for rosacea treatments during the consult. Please contact us by calling our office at 070 239 00 93


Results can vary per individual and are influenced by various factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee any specific result. Make sure you allow the specialist to inform you properly in regards to the treatments and your personal expectations.

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